Singapore 1

Weather hot.
Was able to sleep in Jukkas beautiful condo for a few hours before the birds woke me up with some early construction men next door. After India this country seems so clean and quiet.

Sweaty already.

It was a pretty bumpy flight from Paris to Singapore, but that promised me a god night sleep also on the flight. I never find it easy when the ride is too smooth, feels like not moving at all. AND all my belongings arrived to Singapore as well as I did. So, not complications with that on.

I ate my first fruit right now- a banana. It was voted to be eaten and since it was available, I took advantage on it. But because I also scored durian, Anna promised to take me to eat some durian ice cream today. An easy way to start.

And now, the first stop bus stop, bus nr. 14 to Orchid Ion, breakfast. Second stop Botanical Garden. Third stop Scuba store. Then later on more stops, that are yet unknown. This morning seems to be a good one.


tero said...

Wishing you many pleasant stops. STOP. Safe travels and learn well. STOP.


emarini said...

Have a good day, as it begun. Great that your luggage travelled with you :)