Land of waiting, and waiting for the boats

Two nights ago after dinner we arrived back to our lobby and it was full of people. Some our friends plus some others were spending the quality time of waiting the ferry to leave. The Milagrosa ferry was supposed to leave that day to Puerto Princesa...and it might leave later or the next morning. No one knew. The normal schedule was supposed to be the ferry leaving Tuesday 15th at 3pm. Then at 6 pm. Then... no one knows. The hostel staff started preparing rooms for everyone again.

We got our information already the night before. We had spent a nice evening having barbeque at Coco Verde, taking propably the bottom time driving the scooter there (30min) and back taking even more time. So, we came arrived home kinda late and our friends and the staff from our hostel had been worried and made a plan to rescue us. By the time we got back at 10 pm, all the people still awake were pretty drunk, singing videoke and playing pool and I can just imagine how our rescue had been pulled out.

Anyway, our ferry to Iloilo had never left from Puerto Princesa to this direction because the engine had broken down. There was also a very strong wind and the storm alarm might have happened any minute, then the boats definetely will not move. Ok. We were also supposed to be departing on Tuesday afternoon. it is now Thursday and the boat is not anywhere near here. And again, it might leave today from the origin. We will anyway miss our flights to Hong Kong (scheduled tonight) since the next possible boat might arrive in few days. The news are, that it will be leaving tonight at 6pm from there and arrive here by noon tomorrow.

The next step will be to try to do something to our visas in Visayas, which will be another wait, because it is weekened when we arrive...and decide another place to go. All in all, we have been 'trapped' here the for 3-4 days. It is also a bit intimidating since our pockets will be empty soon from the cash we put in there at departure from Coron. We should have left on Monday, when the ferry was going on time.

Oh well, I am still happy that we were not trying to get back to Coron. The ferry we took here has been here almost our whole stay. It finally left last night. By now, it should already have been back from Manila once already. First delay was due to bad weather, low pressure etc, but we were also told that if there is not enough passengers or cargo, it will not leave soon. Just another week when ferries are not moving for no reason a all.

I feel sorry for those people who just came from party capital Boracay through Iloilo to get to Puerto Princesa and were stuck in here for 24 hours, in the Cuyo city party capital.

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