Things will find their way to work out

That was the sentence I agreed on today when leaving my massage therapist. After getting back home I decided to take a look on the flights to Singapore, and there it was; the greatest price between Helsinki and Singapore!

As I continued snooping around a bit, I did find it a bit cheaper from the airline pages itself. Air France 581€. Bargain. I would say. I usually keep on tracking the search engines such as ebookers, Area, e-ticket, Travellink and Kaleva Travel. Kilroy Travels is good as well when it comes to "local" ones. eDreams has been very helpful, but it has a certain difficulty factor if one wants to book also from the same pages (you need to fax your passport copy to the agency, and no one answers the phone if you want to ask something). So, after seeing all the prices I try another go on the airline websites to check if the price (normally is, but not always) is better for me. This time I got lucky with Air France.

Now I only need my flights from Singapore to Kota Kinanbalu.
I decided to fly through Singapore because of the

a) the location
b) good/cheap/frequent flight connections to Borneo
c) friends that I can see and get a sofa place by bringing them some Finnish delicacies such as rye bread and mustard. I also promised to make my salmon soup with dill.

Hunting for flights can be hard, but today I am very happy about myself. Form Singapore on I will travel with either Air Asia, Jetstar Asia (a sister company to Australian Jetstar) Silk Air or Malaysia Airlines. Then the next leg of the race will be Kota Kinanbalu--> Semporna, bus or plane, but that I still need to think.

Oh, yes, the "due date" is Monday May 3rd 2010. I guess the German-Chinese fortune cookie was not totally wrong when giving me this information last autumn: "Dont be afraid to take that big step".

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