From Tarakan to Berau

27.05.2010 Berau

Our trip continued this morning from Tarakan. Again, do not trust LP. After finding out the previous night that the maps are totally shit and apparently the writers have never been to Indonesian Borneo, we were “German” enough to get out boat tickets on the previous day. We signed in a hotel ( Hotel Taufiq, shared double 50 000 Rp) on the main road quite near the harbor where the local boats leaves.

Wake up at six, to the boat at 07.00. The taxi took us the long way to the pier and tried to get 30 000rp instead of the 6000 plus entry fee 2000 to area. Boat Tarakan- Tanjung Selor took about 1 ½ hours.

At Tanjung Selor we were told that there was no frequent bus service anymore to Berau (after 2008) and all we could do was to get a kijang- shared car with multiple seats to our next destination. It was 70 000Rp per person and that included our “foreign bonus”, locals paid 50 0000Rp. The ride was nice through the curvy jungle road and one eating stop in between. During the stop we got offers to be photographed again, and some even took photos of us without our promision. I took the liberty to get angry, because the locals do not do that to anyone else...I should think about saying that Finnish culture or religion forbids to take photos of people. The ride took us 3 ½ hours approximately.

In Berau we tried to get to a nice hotel by the river bank, but it was closed and on construction. After the lunch I ran around for a place to sleep and found one posh hotel (read, expensive) Hotel Berau Plaza...but, air condition and A REAL SHOWER ( very refreshing) made me sleep a 5 hour nap after 2 very sleepless and very very sweaty nights. Tonight we walked to a local eatery and had nice dishes of Gado-Gado, a plate filled with vedgies, boiled egg, chips, tofu, rice cake and topped with spicy peanut sauce. A good evening dish, nothing too heavy and I have to say that the evening is cool and the people are much friendlier than in the previous towns, AND we are forced to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

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