Weather in Philippines and VISA

What would be a better day to continue blogging than my birthday? 

Above you see the local weather through a web cam in Tampere city center in Finland (something like -15° Celsius at the time of writing), all covered with a bit of snow after the storm last weekend. It is funny though how the traffic (especially in our capital Helsinki) gets messed up right at the moment when the first snow hits the ground. A huge amount of the trains were totally cancelled and it took me a while to get to work in Helsinki, to our last show of  "Tales from a Clubroom".  Snow everywhere... my dog is happy though, lots and lots of new smells and (also yellow) snow to eat. 

Today I got sms from my best friend in Germany. First was the basic birthday greetings and then a question about if we already were in the Philippines. There had been a huge thunderstorm and she was worried. 

The typhoon Pablo (international name Bopha) had hit Palau and this morning it hit island Mindanao in southern Philippines causing a lot more trouble than what happened with our little snow storm in here. The island we are now talking about is not normally hit by anything like this and we were not planning to get there. The news say that the storm is now on the way to Negroes, to Visayas group of islands that happens to be the major tourist destination in the whole country. But, in this link it shows that the typhoon is on the way to our destination, Coron Palawan by the 7th of December. Flights cancelled, ferries do not move, rain is heavy. Better keep the eyes on the PAGASA (Philippines Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration) web pages. 

One more thing now. No one answered to our mails about the visa waiver policies in Philippines...kind of amazing, that the honorary consult in Finland did not answer to our direct email. Anyway, the problem is solved, and my aunt was super happy about the solution to spend a weekend in her favorite city in Asia. After 20 days we will be 3 days in Hong Kong and then head back to beaches. Good plan, right?

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NOTE on the 09th of December.

Got good info about the visas from Noelia in here 
Also worth checking if you are interested in traveling <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

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