Singapore Sling

Singapore was fighting me back. I a way anyway. I lost my precious cap I had bought from Australia, and I forgot my shampoo at Jukkas place. All in all it was a nice experience, though I was paranoid I might do something illegal (such as littering) to receive a beating punishment from Singapore government. Even though the ultimate cleanliness and skyscrapers made an effect on me. One was able to go through all the city in shopping malls to avoid the sun beams. The town was quiet enough and people very helpful. The public transportation was like a clock, very good and efficient.

Gill Divers were very helpful and they sold me a nice new Suunto D4. I am proud and I do not take it off even to shower, well, it is a diving computer after all, with a clock and some nice other additions. We´ll see now how it will work in real business.

I can honestly say that I love Singapore Airport! If I was to spend a night at the airport, this would be my choice. One little nice detail was a Post On Wheels-- a small car rolling around the terminal area at times to collect mail and to sell envelopes and postcards for the late sending.

Ah, and yes. We did not find durian ice cream, so I still have to find a way to taste the fruit. But we did have a Chinese breakfast and sushi for early dinner. And the Singapore Sling was totally overpriced in Raffles Long Bar.

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