KK and electricity

A quick decision to run after Ally, share a taxi with her, almost get crazy with the cab driver, but finally ending up to the right hostel. Now I have already (or unfortunately) had 2 contacts with Finns..last night at bar I saw a friend of a friend that I knew to be arriving here at the same time. The radar was excellent this time, I spotted the Finns easily and had a fun night.

Right now I also got a Finnish guy sitting next to me in our hostel lobby. And I helped out a French guy with his electricity adapter if there is anything you want to know about electricity abroad, maybe  the best page to find out is http://users.telenet.be/worldstandards/electricity.htm

Yesterday, almost at my arrival I got a friendly shower from Mother Nature. When travelling, I usually like rain. It makes me feel that things are real. The life in here is real and not as if I was in a nice sunny postcard. One has to adjust to what Mom Nature has to offer. In here there are no big shopping malls to be lost in during the rain and no metro tunnels to hide from rain. It is just a human (nature) confronting the poring rain and flooding streets.

The picture is from my last (arrival night). Kota Kinabalu sunset and the local taxi boats leaving from the dock. Tomorrow I hope to reach my final destination. Today I got a friendly voice to talk to over the phone. At least there is someone who misses me enough to call me once in a while. Also, thanks for the comments as well as the FB comments. I like that, you know!


emarini said...

the way you enjoy these places is possible to see by the way you describe places and what happens to you. I'm sure that you're having and that you'll have a great time there.

emma said...

moi mutti!

just found your great blog. took me a while...

and big thanks for the link (electricity)! very useful.

have a nice trip!

Miss Mureena said...

thanks, comments ARE ALWAYS WELLCOME!