Good bye Finland

Leaving was hard this time ,and that has never happened before! More stress than normal but also the normal last minute packing-cleaning-getting ready routine in a house that was filled with someone elses stuff as well. Now sitting in a bus, trying to breathe, hoping I have everything. Backpack weight was less than 12kg and I also have all my diving/snorkeling gear in there, fins even. Not bad. Of course I am now wearing my multi-layer travel outfit (known by many as 'this did not fit in my bag'- outfit) which happens to be multicoloured too.

Yesterdays news said the main airport (where we are heading now) was suffering from a computer problem and heated up with crouds waiting to check in. Yesterday we also saw news about the new typhoon in Philippines now passing Coron, Busuanga island in Palawan, which is our first destination.

The bus just passed by a spot where 2 guys were climbing an ice wall next to a big road. Only in Finland?

Writing here in bus with my phone and 3G connection reminds me of my first interrail I did in Europe. It was February, not the season for an interrail and it was also a bit out of fashion already. But in the beginning year 1995 there were no low cost airlines, definitely not web resources about hostels or other transport and of course no way I had a mobile phone. Contact with hostels was done by a pay phone (coins or card) at the destinations railway station hoping you had copied the right number at home from a hostel guide, with local currency...a different one in every European country.. And what to do when you did not see your friend waiting you at the station in heavy rain in Paris? Call home, because your friend had called Finland to tell my mom to tell me she was late. After two hours the rain and panic was gone and the friend was there. I also remember having a lot of thought what c-cassettes to bring along for they took such a major amount of space in my bag. Real maps, no navigator and that is the same way I like it now and I hardly ever get lost. And the last, the most precious thing: my dads old system camera with real film. I could only afford one 36 pictures colour film to be developed afterwards, so it was only 36 pictures during the one month rail trip. Plus extra nervousness waiting if they all were good enough (sharp, lighting correct) to be shown in an album.
Now, wireless working, I will soon check the typhoon situation in Palawan, send this to bit universe and maybe play a game of Scrabble with a random player somewhere in the world, or take an old fashioned travel favorite- a pocket book- to my hand and enjoy the rest of the ride to the airport.


Noelfy said...

Last week i meet a lovely German lady 43 years old. She was delight with my trips, but her trips were impressive in my opinion. How she crossed South America 23 years ago as you said, no internet, phones...
Or 2 months that took her to cross from Germany to Hong Kong by train...and that week, they took a weekend trip to Hong Kong, flying there only for 3 days.
Definitely Internet is doing our life much easier!!

Noelfy said...

My previous comment got lost of deleted. It was about one German lady travelling around the world 23 years ago without internet or phone. Very interesting.
But another thing, please do not believe the news about typhoon...in Europe we tend to be very obsessive about that, honestly, it's nothing wrong if it is not coming with huge floods.
A few weeks ago before I came back to Hong Kong, another typhoon was expected in the Philippines. I was shocked, that many Filipinos were actually happy about the typhoon!!