Practicalities when planning

I guess this is the point when I start to panic and that is quite rare.

There has been more than one heartbeat skips about the visa to Philippines.

We, Finnish Citizens get 21 days visa waiver in Philippines when we arrive, if we do have a ticket back to origin. Yet, no one has been able to provide any information about if we do have to have the ticket out of the country in these 21 days. Confusion. I am still waiting for some email replies. There is no Philippine Embassy in Finland anymore, and it would cost a huge amount of Euros to send the passports to Oslo, Norway for the visas. There is also a possibility to apply for a visa at the airport in Manila (during working hours, right when our flight will be the late night one) or in the separate Bureaus Of Immigration after getting away from the airport.

Even though I had my British friend to look at the information, he said he is confused...and his English is excellent.

Bureau of Immigration
Filippiinit seura Suomessa 
Embassy of the Philippines

Rumors go around that if one has no return ticket within the 21 days, one is not let out of the airport. Another rumor there is, that some people have no problems whatsoever.

So, what to do?

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