The best guided tour in Prague, Czech Republic

"A homeless in either too busy or has too much time"
- Honza H.

Last week I was in Prague, Czech Republic. It was not my first time there and I dared to go and explore something else than just the Astronomical Clock or the Charles Bridge. My local friend made me some suggestions and as we had talked earlier about one social experiment called Pragulic, I decided to contact them. 

Pragulic was started by a group of  people who (on their website) describe themselves like this; 

We are a team of young people who use social entrepreneurship in a daring and entertaining way and who want to change the public opinion of the homeless and make it easier for people without homes to return to ordinary social life." 

The basic of the guided tour is to use local homeless people as tour guides to a darker side of Prague and show how they have lived and tell about their experiences. There are several tours and tour guides, also in multiple languages as well as interpreted tours. And be warned; you might actually learn something about yourself during the trip.

We did a tour with Robert, and we took a train to further from Prague to a forest, where we spent time. 

As I was not so experienced about tours in general (independent traveler), I was a bit confused in the beginning, because our guide was so keen on meeting Finnish people, especially me for some reason! We were a group of 4, tree guys and one lady. In the beginning Robert talked only to me as if the guys never existed, and he knew so many words in our language and had been to Finland and knew also a lot of places in there. So, I guess he was just super exited to guide his first Finnish group, learn more Finnish etc  that he forgot to tell about the tour itself, the method of payment and about himself. But, fine with me. 

Instead of the city center we met at Smichov train station (Praha 5) and headed outside Prague. On our way I sensed that we were a special group in many ways since we were not in hurry and just took our time in the forest, took photos and just enjoyed the nice weather, as did our guide. Without him, we would have never known about a place called Prague-Cibulka or that the small trains transported heating coal all over the city. 

All in all the tour made me think a lot about social differences and the strong will of these people who dare to open up about their experiences what they meet outside the "normal" society...and what are the things that lead to that. It might only need a sick parent, some other illnesses, lack of trust, care and comfort or positive feedback...We all can get there. 

I hope that whoever reads this and travels to Prague, would take a change to support this amazing experiment!  

os. Nàrodni 417/35, Praha 1, 110 00
+420 725 314 930

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