Proper dresscode in Laos

By the entrance of Kuang Si falls, Luang Prabang.

Life in Laos is pretty laid back and easy, even if you are a tourist. The life in Laos can get easier by wearing the proper outfit as a Westener. Now, read this, especially if you happen to be a 20-something lady from Britain. This post was influenced by the behaviour of some Western people in Luang Prabang, World Heritage Town and buddhist spiritual mecca (monks, ahoj!?) and especially by the some eyesores that I witnessed at the waterfalls nearby.
I am maybe getting old, but I was highly conserned by the behaviour and outfit of certain people. SERIOUSLY, what is wrong with people. Outfit means so mich more than just what you wear, it can be polite or insulting and it affects on the people who live in the country and more or less it determines the way people treat you.

First of all, keep your eyes open. And please, please read the book and the signs! A local is allowed to do much more than us Westeners. If a local is wearing a tank top and micro shorts, it does not mean you can follow the same rule. It is not ok (for a woman) to show belly, bare chest or shoulders and the bottom part of the outfit should be under the knees. For men, the rule is not that strict, just try to avoid 'wife-beater-tops', but it is still better than a bare chest. Especially when you are close by a tempel or monks. Wearing a bikini top, or a spaghetti top is not only rude, but also embarrassing...and definetely not suitable in a muslim country (like parts of Indonesia). The fact that 'every Westener wears that' or 'it is everywhere' has become a bad norm and unfortunately we as Westeners did show that alternative.

At Muang Ngoi village.

I am not saying that you should wear the similar outfit as the locals, but use your own judgement, try to find some info about the dresscode in advance and pack 'responsibly'. As it says above, the people in that village do not want their kids to follow the example.

At Muang Ngoi village.

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