1st Miss Mureena travel test // Konjac sponge, part 2

Sponge test, Vietnam and Laos. 

As I already wrote, I am testing a konjac sponge among my travel items. Above, you can see the pictures taken on week 1 (Vietnam, Sapa) and week 2 (Laos, Muang Ngoi) - no wearing off! I am pretty astonished.

The sponge needs to be kept in airy environment and I was not really sure how that would work out during the long travel periods, like 8h in a bus or so. Instead of a plastic bag I chose to take a small container with me and keep the sponge there. The container is slightly bigger than the sponge when it is wet.

By this far it seems to have been the right choise. In fact, I started using the sponge already at home, appr a week before the departure. Some dirt has accumulated on the strainght side of the sponge, the ants have not been interested in it and it still works like a new during this humid monsoon season. And it has traveled already from Vietnam to Laos. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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