Travel tips for ladies #6

Visit www.bareminerals.co.uk for the product. the photon made by Miss Mureena. 
The heat wave is in Finland now, and even in here I am struggling with the sun. When I was in Borneo, I did burn so badly (2nd degree burns, yep), that I will never again go out without protection on my outer layer.

The best product by far has been the mineral powder by Bareminerals. All good for your skin, as the make up does not block your pores and is safe too. Most of the sun protection higher than 15 SPF has usually so many chemical ingredients that will adsorb to your body system through your biggest organ - skin.

The mineral make up ( not only this brand, but all) is based on , well, powdered natural minerals that are in nature. In their purest form, the mineral make up is equal to natural cosmetics ( even though there is not yet a certification for them) and they do not carry any preservatives, colorants or fragrances. They also no adhensives such as talc, corn starch or nylon. Did you even know that nylon can exist in your beauty products??

After trying out many, many other products I find the one in the picture just perfect for me, for my face and also shoulder&cleavage area. The SPF 30 is enough for my skin, the twisting tube with a brush is ideal for travel (no need to take an extra powder brush). One tube lasts long. The only downside to this product is maybe the color options (only 3 shades) and that it is not available in Finland (cannot try the best shade..) or the cost, but online stores are a good option..

In addition, when the sun is not too hot, I use the same brand with SPF 15. and only the sky is the limit with the combinations--> you can get even 45 SPF by blending. Anyway, the best protection of course is to wear enough to cover your skin (UV protection clothes), stay inside for the hottest hours or try to stay in shade. If, however, you will get burned, you might already know how to use fridge cold Aloe Vera gel on the red parts? There is even a better cure, yet it might sound a bit disgusting. Apply a layer of  natural yogurt on and your skin shouts for joy! It may not sound very effective and the smell in the morning is not a turn on, but it totally works. Try it out!

Happy travels!
Says Miss Mureena, and is happy about the plane tickets and a take off for 5  weeks on the 28th of June.

This is not a sponsored post. 

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