Travel tips for Ladies #5

Thanks pirlointernational.com for deodorant photo. Background photo is Raflesia, the biggest and smelliest flower on earth. 
Summer heat is on the way. According to the picture, you might guess already what this post is about. Body odours. Not necessarily the hot topic among us, but yet we do a lot to avoid it.

I have decided to go the natural (and easy and cheap, and not to mention that it is available around the world) way again. As you might remember from my previous posts, I am now a huge fan of coconut oil, but did you know that it works also as a natural antiperspirant? If you swet easily, I do recommend one add-on to coconut oil under arms. I do have to use it, and surprisingly enough, this also fades the smell away. And it is bicarbonate of soda, a.k.a baking soda. Now this is a tip from my friend Maricel, so thanks!

If  you do not like the idea of soda under arms, you can still go natural way by using baby powder (not enough for me though) or some of LUSH made natural deodorant powders that are awesome as well.

The powder deodorant has some more advantages. You can put it on your feet to avoid fraction and your lad can puff some to his "family jewels" (I am not kidding here) also to avoid fraction in humid and hot atmospheres. Sounds good? It is good!

One alternative is also to make your own deodorant from coconut oil, shea butter and bicarbonate. I have been passionate about this one blog that just blew my mind! WellnessMama. Great recipes and tips for sustainalble living. To the deodorant, click here.

Happy travels sister! 

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