Travel tips for Ladies # 2

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The second post in my series is about sustainable moisturizing for your skin. I have super dry skin, as well as sensitive, and I just cannot live without moisturizing. Winter time in Finland can be harsh and even the tropics make my skin want a drink and when I dive, most the stuff I put on my skin resolves in the ocean creating more unnatural chemicals to water. So, what is here to do?

As you can see in the picture, there is a combination of fruit and veggies; coconut, avocado and olive. They all make great beauty oils and seriously, you do not need any more than that. Use one, use all, use a combination, the choice is yours. 

First of all, you do not need to carry any cosmetic products like lotions or emulsions, because you can buy this stuff from any supermarket/ grocery shop basically anywhere in the world! They may come in larger bottles or containers and for that I keep some hand luggage travel size containers with me. The rest you do not use, could work as present for someone local or maybe a food sacrifice to a god/goddess, depending on a country where you happen to be.  And of course, keep a small amount (of some oil) in your hand luggage just in case. One advantage is that these oils does not need to be refridgerated and sometimes skin needs also a drink up there on the sky in dry airplane space.

The usual way to use these oils is simple; use olive or coconut oil to remove make up and clean, then avocado to moisturize. I have been lately using only coconut oil for all purposes. They are naturally The best is that these oils serves multiple purposes. Try olive or coconut as a hair treatment for dry hair or make an environmental friendly body scrub by mixing salt (or sugar) to chosen oil and use it in a shower to wash away the dirt after a 10h ride on a bus (roof)...it does leave your skind soft and smooth. Coconut oil can also be used as antiperspirant and for so much more. Try a search with "uses of ... oil" and you will get more alternatives.

Of course it is worth trying the local skin products where ever you are. Consult the(older) ladies around about their traditional remedies. Of course every one who has traveled in South East Asia knows that it is hard to find products that does not have the "whitening" effect...but this method with these oils makes it unnecessary to even walk in a cosmetic store.

My friends did recommend other oils as well, including hypernicus oil, wild rose oil, arnica oil and calendula oil, which I use as well, but when you do not want to carry extra, keep it to these basics (or just one) and you'll be just fine. 

Miss Mureena strongly recommends! Happy travels sister!

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Noelfy said...

I use coconut for everything...Even my hair!