More good espresso in Tampere

Pyymäen OMA Kahvila

I have been lucky to realize that many people are actually eyeing on blog and post about My guide to best coffee in Tampere (Finland). It has been so popular that it rose to my top 10 most read posts. Thanks for that!

After my post, the Tampere cafe scene has seen some changes. There are now new places I tested and liked, and are now marked with blue dots on the map below.

There are 4 more recommended places to try out. I only like espresso based drinks and that is the only GOOD coffee for me (very subjective). And made with proper espresso machine. The places are again in random order. 

Tampereen Paahtimo (Tampere Roastery) has opened a small cosy espresso bar in the heart of the city. 4 different roasts/beans to choose from when you order and sweet/salty delights to go with the coffee. Coffee available to buy home as well. 

This coffee house used to be one of the chain places, but now I am happy to see that the owners made it their very own. In the middle of the Finlayson factory area and airy cafe with good coffee. Good options to eat bread and other delights. 

This place melted my heart with the coffee, but also with the fast service. Super fancy sweet cakes and also traditional Finnish rye bread with numerous options of bread spreads - this is something you will not get from anywhere else! 

On the 3rd floor next to Koskiklinikka there is now a quiet corner for you moment with coffee. I was amazed to see the amount of things to go with the coffee. The specialty might be the trad Carelian Pie with egg butter, another Finnish tradition you do not see in cafes anymore too often. Also some breads with herring and egg on the top (when I visited), which is more the Swedish tradition but equally not easy to find. 

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