15 pictures from Philippines

I made a trip to Philippines in January 2013 and it is also documented here in my blog. Apr. a week ago we were desperately trying to get info from our friends in Coron Town/Busuanga island (link takes you to Yolanda aftermath blog post and pictures) and Cuyo town/ Cuyo island. We heard that the typhoon Haiyan, also called Yolanda, hit both places and none or four friends are hurt, but we were informed that it did hit Cuyo pretty bad. 

I am sending out this post for you all to see how I remember Philippines in 15 pictures. This country is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to and in addition a home for very friendly and happy people. 

I am now sending out a challenge for everyone, especially dear diving friends and fellow bloggers! HELP OUT the people in the Philippines. I contacted local RED CROSS and and made this blog share, together we can reach out many more than me alone. After the pictures there are some links about how you can help. Please, act now. 

The picture above will lead you to Finnish Red Cross site for donations, if you are a blogger contact your local red Cross for same kind of link share. 

Here are some links to info how you also can help -

Threadless online shop will donate 100% of the sales income of  this t-shirt.

Then following link lists -

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