Above Sarajevo

I promised to write a few lines about our stay above Sarajevo, because the whole story deserves an own entry.

At this point I would love to ask you to close your eyes and only imagine. But then it would be the end of this story, so, please continue reading and keep your imagination open.

Imagine a place high on the top of a mountain. Imagine the mountain to be right over Sarajevo and the curvy road down shares glimpses to the city in between the mountains. Imagine driving steep with "Defender" with maybe the Kalashnikov in your hands. Imagine cows, bulls and sheep on the road. Imagine a traditional Bosnian dwelling, moved from another mountaintop closer to this road and electricity. Imagine wooden walls, rustic decor, flowers on the yard and imagine even higher mountain tops above the hut roof. Imagine lush spruce forest with nettles, wild garlic, wild berries and all other mouthwatering things to be used in cooking. Imagine delicious home made traditional food made by the man in the house. Imagine a glass of ´rakija´, from self picked fruits, after a walk or mountain biking on the forest trail. Imagine being away from high tech and only taking your camera. Imagine some sounds - cooking, men playing chess and having their morning beer, laughter, donkey yelling, kid running, cat sipping water and goatlings jumping on flower pots.  Imagine temperature dropping to +9 during summer in this altitude after sunset. Imagine yourself cuddling under a soft blanket when it gets dark outside and hearing the radio outside to keep the wolfs away. Imagine waking up to same sounds. Then imagine this all during winter time. I think you nailed it!

This wonderful place came to my knowledge, because my former workmate Nepu (Finnish) lives here with her Bosnian husband Jasmin and their daughter Iita. I had not seen her since 2005 and I needed no time to change our travel plan a bit and fit this visit in. Actually, it was better to the trip from mountains to coast. The transportation worked better this way and I was able to dive, without worrying the altitude after the dives. Also we loved the place and the food! It was a great idea to bond with my friend again.

Their mountain lodge Vukov Konak (also in facebook) is a peaceful little place up above Sarajevo, located on the mountains near a "village" Vučja Luka. Inside a thick spruce forest you´ll enter secluded lodge filled with animals, laughter, tasty food and good company. The night in here will cost 12,50€ per person, the price includes local breakfast with coffee, made at the premises. Everyone speaks English at the lodge and the care taker is sleeping in the same building, so the guests are not alone with the wolfs and yelling donkeys.

We took the bus from Belgrade to Sarajevo and were advised to jump off at village Sumbulovac and find the taxi that was waiting for us - really easy to find since there was only one man with a car parked down the road. When you make the reservation at the lodge, the owners will tell you how to get there because it doe snot show on the Google maps well and it really does not have an address. The taxi from Sarajevo will cost about 10€ (20 BAM) and do not get scared if the taxi driver will take the taxi sign from the car roof. We were puzzled when this happened to us, but it was because Vukov Konak is located in the Serbian muncipality and the local police is sometimes not too happy about Sarajevo taxis up there. The taxi ride takes about 20-30 min. If you are driving with your own car you have to note the mountain routes regulations- cars coming down have to give road.

We spend most of our time on the mountain, but did one "family" visit to Sarajevo town. It really felt that we came deep from the countryside as we drove to town, took Iitas pram out from the trunk and opened it on the roadside next to a bus stop and let loose something like a hundred of earwig insects that had nested inside the pram during the week when it had not been used. The people at the bus stop were both disgusted and curious when we shake the pram to get them all out. An odd company as well, a kid, a mother (dressed nicely) and two travelers wearing not-to-match outfits.

If you are more interested to read more about life on a mountain, you can check out the blogs My Friend is writing; BelaMama is about parenting and Slosimple entries are about green life on a mountain. Both are written on English and you´ll be happy to see all the cute pictures from the mountain and then decide to get there!


Samuel Jeffery said...

It's great to hear more about Sarajevo. I don't know many friends who have been there before. I love the shot of the cat drinking from the tap :)

Miss Mureena said...

Thanks Nomadic Samuel! Always happy when someone likes my photos , stay tuned for my Balkan summary, after Denmark trip of course!